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Moment of Honesty

I'm Deina.
college senior. Virgo. goofball. hopeless romantic. East Coast. tigers. hip-hop. 80's movies. football. astrology.
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home improvement.

So this past week I did major damage control on my room. I am the definition of a pack rat, and after this Christmas, my room was just so full of STUFF that I couldn’t take it anymore. Old papers, notebooks, pictures, picture frames, movie ticket stubs, clothes. You name it, it was all over my room. My cleaning started with just going through my clothes and putting old ones/ones that don’t fit me anymore into bags for donating. By the time I’d gone through all my clothes, I had a total of 3 HUGE shopping bags full of clothes. Probably a total of at least 50-75 items, mostly tops. It felt so good to get rid of them all! I may go through my clothes again because I have hundreds of dollars in gift cards just for clothing stores and I have no idea where those clothes would go. Anyway so after I did that, I decided I wanted a new shelving unit because well, I didn’t really have a legitimate one and figured it’d be useful. So I bought a set of two at Target and immediately began going through everything in my room. It took me several hours over the past few days, but I finally did it. The shelving unit is built, and filled, and there is actually some space left over! I guess the Virgo in me is what makes me so excited about organizing everything haha. It was especially fun because I got to reminisce on the past year, my high school years, and even middle school going through everything. I also put up a wall hanging of tigers that I got for Christmas from my bestie, along with a Vin Diesel poster (a Fast Five one) and a Drake poster. I still have a little more stuff to go through that’s in my closet, but as of now I am in love with my room!!

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